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The Importance of Hygiene Visits

Plaque is pliable and gummy, which is why regular brushing can typically remove most of it. But missed plaque hardens into tartar and that is something your typical toothbrush and floss can’t remove. So, plaque and tartar build up on teeth over time. The tartar accumulates under the gumline as well as on the enamel surface of your teeth. These accumulations invite the bacterial infection known as gum disease. Which means that if you don’t remove plaque, you’re risking more severe problems with your teeth and gums developing later. Research shows a specific link between untreated gum disease and other serious illnesses like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Therefore, having your teeth professionally cleaned on schedule is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy! And seeing your hygienist for a cleaning, one of the most vital reasons to visit the dentist.

Saving Hopeless Teeth

Having a root canal performed does not rank high on anyone’s list. In the not too distant past, before the invention of better techniques and anesthesia, the root canal warranted its dreaded reputation. However, with modern anesthetics and new, revolutionary technology, root canals are now extremely manageable.

A root canal restores a tooth by removing the pulp chamber of the tooth and replacing it with a filling material. This is an essential step when dental decay spreads to the nerve of the tooth or the tooth has developed an infection. At this point, a filling simply will not repair the damage, and the goal is always to avoid extraction. Extractions can cause any number of additional difficulties and should be averted whenever possible.

Call us today and learn how Dr. Leach can help you save your teeth. He’s well versed in advanced root canal therapy.

Senior Dental Care Morristown TN

Senior Dental Care is Different

To date, no one has discovered the Fountain of Youth, which means growing older is unavoidable. Not even our teeth and gums are exempt from the process. Dr. Leach and his team have specifically trained to help you battle the dental difficulties that can arise from aging. There’s a risk factor that increases for developing gum disease and root decay that means extra vigilance is required for seniors. Daily cleaning and proper nutrition are even more necessary for maintaining healthy gums.

Growing older also frequently means taking more prescription drugs to keep your health. A decrease of saliva flow is sometimes a side effect of these medications. There are amazing products available that can ease this condition. Your fillings are getting older, too. They can weaken or crack. Regular check-ups will allow us to keep your former dental repairs under surveillance, ready to make any necessary repairs. Years of plaque buildup, as well as consuming coffee, tea, or tobacco, can make teeth appear stained. Ask us about treatments that can remove these problems. And always remember, if your gums become red, begin to bleed, or your teeth start to feel loose, contact us immediately.

Are You Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic?

There is a proven link between your dental health and your capacity to successfully manage your blood sugar levels. It’s a cruel cycle. Untreated gum disease aggravates your diabetes and diabetes inflames your gum disease. At Dr. Leach’s office, we’ve received special training on dental care for diabetics. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation. We have the ability to help you. You can be confident you’ll receive both compassionate and completely non-judgmental care. So, don’t put off your dental care any longer.

Tooth Colored Fillings Morristown TN

No Mercury! No Metals! No Kidding!

Choosing the white bonded filling is about more than just camouflaging your dental repair. While silver-mercury amalgam fillings are a reasonable restoration, still used by many practices, they have certain shortcomings. Metal does not adhere well to teeth, so decay can and does seep back into the tooth. Dr. Leach provides cutting-edge restorations that are a natural-looking white, contain no metals, and can even strengthen your teeth. In fact, they bond so tightly with the healthy part of your tooth, there is much less possibility for decay in the future.

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Regular cleanings and the occasional filling probably won’t be all that’s necessary for you to achieve optimum oral health. Many of our patients who’ve dealt with injury, illness, bite issues, or even simple wear and tear also suffer from chronic difficulties that they don’t recognize began in their mouth. Bruxism (tooth grinding), TMJ, periodontitis, and even odd-shaped and missing teeth can combine to produce headaches and migraines, toothaches, persistent bad breath, and an unattractive appearance. But you don’t have to accept that reality.

Dr. Leach will visit with you to review your concerns, symptoms, and goals. After processing digital X-rays, photos, and imprints of your mouth, he will suggest choices for treatment plans that address your specific difficulties and will help you acquire a healthy, pain-free, and attractive smile. We can also review phased treatment options and financial planning that will put your desired smile within reach.

TMJ TMD Dental Treatment Morristown TN

TMJ/TMD – Proper Bite Alignment Treatment Helps You Say ‘Goodbye’ to Headaches and Jaw Pains!

Are you experiencing frequent headaches, aching or popping jaws, or shoulder and neck pain? Often, these symptoms can be caused by an alteration in your dental occlusion (i.e. your bite). If your teeth have worn down over the years or been removed due to accident or dental disease, your jaw is no longer able to settle into its naturally relaxed position. This additional tension in the muscles of your jaw can result in a variety of pains with which you have simply grown accustomed to living. By correcting your dental occlusion, your jaw can be restored to the position that nature intended. This extremely technical procedure, known as a full mouth rehabilitation, is available in our office. If you have been coexisting with the pain and discomfort explained above, we invite you to learn about the benefits this treatment may bring to your quality of life.

If it’s time for your next cleaning, or if you’re ready to schedule a no-cost/no-obligation consultation, call us now at (423) 586-3432.