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The Primary Cause of Lost Teeth

Gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss, beating out decay and trauma, because it’s sneaky, going entirely unnoticed right up until you lose your teeth. If you have any of the typical symptoms – bleeding gums when you brush or floss, bad breath, or loose or shifting teeth – you may be infected. And if you’ve already been told you require gum surgery, we’re pleased to let you know that in many cases it’s now possible to control gum disease with a host of non-surgical methods.

Gum Disease Can Contribute to Heart Disease and Even Stroke

Medical research has led to a troubling conclusion: gum disease, stroke, and heart disease are linked. Since heart disease is typically fatal, it’s obvious that gum disease should be taken very seriously. The American Dental Association has stated that approximately 80 percent of all Americans already suffer from periodontal (gum) disease. If this were any other illness, such as AIDS or tuberculosis, it would be labeled an epidemic! The reason it hasn’t been is due to the long-held faulty belief that the worst outcome is that you lose your teeth. Not pleasant – but certainly not life threatening. But that’s all changed.

The American Academy of Periodontology has stated, “Studies found periodontal infection may contribute to the development of heart disease, increase the risk of premature, underweight births, and pose a serious threat to people whose health is already compromised due to diabetes and respiratory diseases.” It’s an ugly reality. The bacterial infection that destroys your teeth and gums can also travel into your bloodstream – straight to your heart.

Now the Good News

Once periodontal disease advances to a certain point, the treatment is surgical. Gum surgery is never pleasant, but it is almost always effective in controlling the condition. But catch it in the early stages, and mild periodontal disease can be treated with very effective NON-surgical procedures that, when combined with improved dental hygiene, can virtually stop the spread of the disease. In both situations, gum disease treatments are usually covered under most common dental insurance plans.

Tooth Loss Prevention Morristown TN

What’s So Bad About Losing a Tooth?

Losing even one tooth permits your other teeth to shift and move around. This can cause other teeth to loosen and later fall out. This can upset your ability to chew and absorb nutrients from your food. Because it’s more difficult to chew with missing teeth, you may find yourself preferring softer foods and less complex carbohydrates, which can cause you to gain weight.

Other problems may develop. For example, bone loss causes your face to change shape, appearing “sunken” and making you look much older than you really are. Your speech could be altered. Words may begin to sound garbled or slurred.

Dr. Leach believes the best way to fix a missing tooth (or missing teeth) is with dental implants. An implant can replace one tooth or multiples. And the best part is that they can be made to look so natural that even a dentist will have to really look close to tell the difference.

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